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The Specialists are an industry leader in providing environmentally safe, reliable superior services in order to protect our customer’s health, food and property.



Industry Association Memberships

The Specialists are proud to be members of the South African Pest Control Association (SAPCA), National Contract Cleaners Association (NCCA) and the Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA).

3 Things to Avoid When Cleaning Your Kitchen

Kitchen cleaning is a chore that many homeowners would prefer to keep quick and painless, but it’s important to make sure it’s done properly to ensure the ongoing health and safety of your family. In this article, we list the three kitchen cleaning mistakes that are making your kitchen dirtier as well as jeopardising... read more

10 Facts You Never Knew About Mosquitoes on SADC Malaria Day

November 6 marked SADC Malaria Day, an annual awareness campaign to shed some light on the preventable and curable disease that still kills hundreds of thousands of people in Africa every year. To aid in the ongoing malaria prevention education effort, we thought we’d get up close and personal with the pest that’s responsible... read more

Putting Health & Safety First with Industrial Facility Cleaning

Cleaning industrial facilities involves working in factories, plants, warehouses or other industrial settings, which may pose certain challenges that you may not see in other types of facilities. Industrial cleaners need to work around big, heavy machinery; electrical equipment and dirty buildings, as well as potential exposure to hazardous materials and toxic chemicals. For... read more