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Cleaning & Disinfection: A Food Safety Checklist

In South Africa, HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) has become an essential component of most food handling operations and restaurants to improve and maintain food safety and hygiene practices. Cleaning and disinfection are at the centre of this, and any other food safety system, to control food hazards throughout the supply chain, from... read more

Commercial Floor Problems and How to Fix Them

Most commercial establishments are the hub of activity for shopping, eating and entertainment. A study conducted by the Gordon Institute of Business Science found that super regional and regional shopping centres in South Africa averaged a footcount of 800,000 consumers a month. That’s a lot of feet! And that’s one reason why, out of... read more

The Top 5 Pests Found in Hotel & Commercial Kitchens

Running a kitchen can be a demanding job without having to worry about pests jeopardising the health and well-being of customers, not to mention creating unsanitary working conditions for employees. Besides the risk to public health, pests also pose a serious threat to your business. In South Africa, there is a heavy emphasis on... read more

8 Clutter Cutting Ideas to End the Year Right

The holiday season is a time of giving and receiving, but all of that can spell clutter for your home. From holiday decorations and gift-wrapping supplies, to cards, leftover food and new gifts to store – a little post-holiday cleaning and TLC may be the perfect way to end the year on a good... read more

5 Ugly Truths About DIY Fly Control Methods

During the warmer months of December to March, flies become a major menace to many South African households. Often, the first reaction after spotting a few too many flies hanging around, is to try get rid of them through DIY fly control methods. Fly strips, fly zappers, homemade fly repellents, bug spray and even... read more

The Top 5 Pests Found in Hotel & Commercial Kitchens

Running a kitchen can be a demanding job without having to worry about pests jeopardising the health and well-being of customers, not to mention creating unsanitary working conditions for employees. Besides the risk to public health, pests also pose a serious threat to your business. In South Africa, there is a heavy emphasis on... read more

The Hidden Agenda of Cockroaches in Your Home

For any homeowner, finding a cockroach scurry across the kitchen floor is enough to spark panic. Where there’s one, there’s likely many more hiding in cracks and crevices close by. And, once a cockroach infestation starts, the property owner faces a tough eradication process that will often require the services of a pest control... read more

3 Things to Avoid When Cleaning Your Kitchen

Kitchen cleaning is a chore that many homeowners would prefer to keep quick and painless, but it’s important to make sure it’s done properly to ensure the ongoing health and safety of your family. In this article, we list the three kitchen cleaning mistakes that are making your kitchen dirtier as well as jeopardising... read more

7 Surprisingly Common Areas Restaurants Forget to Clean

For any SA restaurant, café, coffee shop or fast food outlet, cleanliness should undeniably be top of mind. The best restaurant managers know that their reputation, not to mention the health of their patrons depends on it. After all, it’s one of the biggest factors that determines whether a customer sits down to enjoy... read more

10 Facts You Never Knew About Mosquitoes on SADC Malaria Day

November 6 marked SADC Malaria Day, an annual awareness campaign to shed some light on the preventable and curable disease that still kills hundreds of thousands of people in Africa every year. To aid in the ongoing malaria prevention education effort, we thought we’d get up close and personal with the pest that’s responsible... read more

Putting Health & Safety First with Industrial Facility Cleaning

Cleaning industrial facilities involves working in factories, plants, warehouses or other industrial settings, which may pose certain challenges that you may not see in other types of facilities. Industrial cleaners need to work around big, heavy machinery; electrical equipment and dirty buildings, as well as potential exposure to hazardous materials and toxic chemicals. For... read more

10 Things in Your Home You Should Probably Clean More Often

We all have our typical cleaning routines; do the dishes every day, wash the floors once a week, clean the bathroom twice a week – but what about the items that don’t fall under your regular cleaning schedule? For example, when last did you degrease your oven or clean your mattress? Some household items... read more

The Hidden Health risks of dirty carpets in the workplace

A business flourishes when its employees are happy, healthy and productive. For this reason, occupational health and safety has become a more than just a requirement. Yet so many companies overlook the one potential health hazard that could be posing a risk to its employees. The culprit? Dirty carpets and upholstery. While most commercial... read more

Why you can’t get rid of cockroaches in your restaurant

Are overwhelmed and frustrated with the infestation of cockroaches in your restaurant or commercial kitchen and no matter what you do they keep coming back to haunt you, threatening your business reputation in the process? The truth is; if these dreaded pests have picked your kitchen as their perpetual feed station, your cockroach control... read more

Seven secrets of professional house cleaners

You’ve cleaned your house a million times before, but somehow you just can’t seem to get that as-good-as-new look and smell of a professionally cleaned home. How do they do it? As an experienced cleaning services company, we’re sharing some of the best-kept secrets from our professional house cleaners. Clean from top to bottom... read more

End-of-Lease Cleaning: Top Tips to Get Your Rental Deposit Back

Meta Description: Moving is stressful enough. Find out how hiring an end-of-lease cleaning company will to ensure you get your deposit back when you move out.   Moving house can be tough, especially when it comes down to the nitty gritty – literally. If you’re renting a property in South Africa, chances are you forked... read more

Guesthouse Changeovers: A Cleaning & Maintenance Checklist

Meta description: Don’t cut corners with changeovers. Follow our guesthouse cleaning checklist to give your next guests the best holiday experience.   Everybody loves to go on holiday, but nobody wants to arrive at their vacation destination to find dirty lodgings. That being said, we know how challenging and stressful it can be for... read more

Commercial Fly Control: Understanding the Threats to Your Business

Meta Description: Underestimating the need for commercial fly control could be to the detriment of your business’s hygiene levels and reputation. Find out why ‘Waiter, there’s a fly in my soup’. For most, this is the oldest joke in the book, but for restaurateurs and other foodservice businesses, it’s no laughing matter. Flies are... read more


The day you decide that you’re going to build your dream home or structure, you might not be aware of all the regulations involved or the lack of enforcing them correctly. The National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act (Act 103 of 1977) forms the basis of how buildings in South Africa should be... read more

The ultimate office spring-cleaning checklist

The return of spring signals many things: warmer temperatures, blooming foliage, the all too familiar call of hadidas, and of course, spring-cleaning season. Indeed, there’s nothing like the beauty of nature to wake us up from hibernation and dust off the (literal) cobwebs of winter. Spring-cleaning is not just for the home, though –... read more

Upping the ant (e): How to keep ants out of your restaurant

As the warmer months start to settle in, so does the threat of ant invasion – a formidable prospect for none more so than restaurant owners. Not only is an ant infestation bad for your restaurant’s reputation, but it also poses a health risk by getting into and contaminating the very food you serve.... read more

Professional carpet cleaning vs. DIY? That is the question

You get home one day only to look down and realise that your once-cream coloured carpets are looking a bit on the brown side lately. It’s no surprise – carpets are incredibly susceptible to spots & stains caused by spills, pets, or dirt dragged in from the outside – especially after a particularly dry... read more

Prevent insects from having a spring party in your home

The warmth of spring and summer that most of us have been looking forward to comes with the annoying presence of pests. Now that winter is over, most of us have to again contend with being woken up by buzzing mosquitoes in the middle of the night, or swatting flies away while we try... read more

The 3 common myths of Eco-Friendly Household Cleaning Products

How toxic are your household cleaning supplies? Insight comes with experience and time. After three decades as a leader in the SA cleaning industry – we know cleaning, and we understand the facts and myths about eco-friendly household cleaning supplies.   1) Eco Friendly Cleaning Products are more expensive   Read more at: read more

Why you need professional ant control

Ants are social insects that create colonies and when you see one ant you can be sure there’s an entire colony somewhere nearby. DIY methods of ant control abound in just about every single supermarket and homeware store. Each one claiming that it has the power to eradicate ants and eliminate them from your... read more

Kitchen hygiene 101: keep calm and keep the kitchen clean

If your business is involved in the hospitality industry, you understand the importance for all restaurants, fast-food outlets and conference venues to keep their kitchens in tip-top shape. These are our helpful kitchen hygiene hints to keep the kitchen spotless: Always store and prepare food separately Monitor which ingredients are kept in your commercial... read more

Office cleaning tips for your year-end function

The end of the working year is in sight! As companies around the country wind down for the festive season, many of them will be celebrating another year of hard graft with a soiree of sorts. And, of course, a soiree generally goes hand-in-hand with a post-party mess. But don’t panic, The Specialists can... read more

Need to know: Termite Control 101

Summer is upon us, and with it come days drenched in sunshine, and in many parts of the country, rainfall too. While school kids and gardens rejoice, this time of year is also known for its unwelcome guests – in the form of termites. Termites are prevalent throughout South Africa, with the exception being... read more

Are these gadgets the future of cleaning services?

If you’ve ever come home from a long day at the office, and looked around in despair at a pile of dishes, dirty laundry and dust bunnies collecting in a corner, consider this. A mere century ago, modern cleaning gadgets, including the dishwasher (also known as the ‘relationship saver’), vacuum cleaners and washing machines... read more

How to get a handle on flea control, once and for all

Summer is upon us, and for those lucky enough to live on or near the coast, it’s time to arm yourself against the onslaught of summer: sunscreen, citronella candles and some flea control know how. We know you’d rather be relaxing in the shade with your biggest worry being whether to swim now or... read more

Tick bites in children and pets – what you need to know

Playing outside is a favourite pastime of children and pets. Unfortunately, romping outdoors comes with dangers of its own. If you suspect that your child or pet is suffering the effects of tick bites, read on. (Please note: if you identify any of the following symptoms, contact your vet or doctor immediately.) Tick bite... read more

How to get your staff down to business cleaning

Anyone reading this blog will have probably worked somewhere with a shared kitchen area. Of those, it’s likely a large percentage will have worked somewhere where it’s near impossible to get staff to tidy up after themselves. Whether it’s laziness, a low standard of cleanliness or because they’re just too busy, some people –... read more

Signs that your industrial pest control provider is awesome

An infestation – be it of insects, rodents or birds – is a nightmare that every business owner or manager dreads. These pesky creatures can cause disease, damage property, force downtime and destroy a brand’s image. With the online and offline directories awash with pest control services, it’s hard to know which one will... read more

Why post-holiday cleaning is a must

Summer is already upon us – unless you live in the Mother City, that is – and with it comes the build-up holiday of excitement as we look forward to weekends away and holidays on the coast. Chances are you’re thinking more about the Rugby World Cup, braais, beers and beaches than your holiday... read more

Myths about business pest control services debunked

Business pest control services are a must for all types of businesses and yet, many business owners and property managers are unaware of how important this service is. Many businesses make use of intermittent pest control instead of contracted business pest control. Contracted business pest control means that your premises and office remains pest-free... read more

Why you need professional ant control

Ants are social insects that create colonies and when you see one ant you can be sure there’s an entire colony somewhere nearby. DIY methods of ant control abound in just about every single supermarket and homeware store. Each one claiming that it has the power to eradicate ants and eliminate them from your... read more

Secrets to getting rid of flies this Summer

Summer time sees an influx of flies and they have the potential to drive everyone crazy. One fly is capable of laying up to 9000 eggs which means that we all have good reason to freak out when a fly is bothering us. To be fair, it is impossible to completely eliminate flies but... read more

How to tell if you have a cockroach infestation

Cockroaches – the one pest that incites chaos in your home. It’s a well-known fact that cockroaches are one of the nastiest pests you could ever encounter and the longer they hang around your home the more difficult it is to get rid of them. Here are the signs of a cockroach infestation: Cockroaches... read more

How the Specialists can see to all your corporate cleaning services needs

Corporate cleaning services are necessary in any and all types of businesses. By employing the services of corporate cleaning professionals you are guaranteed of a well-maintained, hygienic and safe working environment. This is of utmost importance to your staff and your customers alike. Many corporate environments employ the services of an office cleaner, but the... read more

Why your business needs a professional pest control provider

Every business is aware of pest control and that it is imperative to having a hygienic and pest-free working environment. However, many seem unaware that employing the services of a professional pest control provider is not a once off affair. Every company should have a long-term contract in place with a professional pest control provider... read more

Here are some of our favourite ideas for Braai Day

A favourite pastime of South Africans young and old alike, gathering around a braai is our nation’s preferred way of spending lazy summer days and long, languishing evenings underneath the stars. In fact, South Africans love braaing so much that we’ve dedicated a whole day to doing just that. As we gear up for... read more

The true cost of quality carpet cleaning

Frequent vacuuming is crucial to maintaining your carpets, but your regular household vacuum cleaner is not performing a deep clean. In fact, no regular DIY carpet cleaning technique will truly clean your rugs sufficiently. This is why it is imperative that you have your carpets professionally cleaned. Many believe that quality carpet cleaning professionals... read more

Pest of the month: Rats Fact sheet

Our pest of the month is the rat. There a many different types of rats but in South Africa we experience two of them, namely the black rat or Rattus Rattus and the brown rat or Rattus Norvegicus. Rats have a worldwide reputation for being a deadly and destructive pest that can be linked... read more

Why operations managers should consider ant control

The presence of any type of pest in your office environment will cause concern among your staff members. Some might simply be fearful, but the overriding perception will most likely be one that your premises are dirty. There are many types of ants found in South Africa. There are thousands of different types of... read more

Cleaning tips to get your kids to help you clean up

It can be said that cleaning your house when you sharing it with little children, is like brushing your teeth while you’re eating Oreos. Most parents struggle to get their kids to clean up their rooms, let alone get them to help keep the rest of the home clean. The secret to getting your... read more

Fabric stains and how to deal with them

Stains on any kind of fabric are difficult get rid of. In this infographic from they unpack the various common fabric stains and how to remove them with regular household items. View the infographic here. Common items that can cause terrible stains are those listed in the infographic above. We have all experienced... read more

The three attributes of expert bird control services

A bird infestation is dangerous. They carry infectious diseases through the ecto-parasites that live on their feathers which include mites and ticks. Their droppings and their nests house can have serious health consequences such as lung disease, encephalitis, salmonellosis, hystolasmosis and New Castle disease. Essentially, leaving a bird infestation untreated is a serious health... read more

Is there a perfect routine when it comes to window cleaning?

If having a professional looking business is important to you then window cleaning is a must. By having your windows professionally and regularly cleaned your property will look sophisticated and well-kept. There is a lot of ‘talk’ online about the connection between a clean work environment and the productivity of the employees. A clean... read more

The five questions you need to ask your contract cleaning company

We have written many articles on contract cleaning and the benefits thereof, which you can read about here and here. Choosing a contract cleaning company for your business is definitely a great idea but actually making a decision on which provider to go with can prove tricky and difficult.  The last thing you want is... read more

Five technology trends in the restaurant industry

Restaurants are always under a lot of pressure to impress and please their customers, and try and outdo their competitors. The average South African still views eating out as a real treat, so when heading out for a meal we expect it to be an evening of indulgence and spoils. Technology plays a big... read more

When pets become pests: Common pet diseases found in your home

Having a pet has many benefits. Children and adults alike can enjoy the many advantages of keeping a furry friend around. Dogs are known to assist with mental illness such as depression or anxiety and in people who suffer loneliness, dogs can provide companionship. What’s more, when children are brought up with a pet... read more

The science behind dry carpet cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is considered to be a sure-fire way of protecting your carpets and prolonging their lifespan. Carpets are an expensive item in your home and it is advisable to do what’s necessary to avoid having to replace them too often. For the best results, dry carpet cleaning should be performed by professionals.... read more

Stop food wastage in your restaurant and save thousands

Like many restaurateurs your business is most likely to be your baby that makes you proud and causes you sleepless nights. There’s nothing wrong with that, you are passionate about the business, your clientele and delivering on excellence to every single customer. That makes good business sense, but you know what else makes good... read more

Pest of the month: Wood borer beetle

Our pest of the month for August is the wood borer beetle. They are notorious for infuriating home owners as once they have infested your property they can cause an incredible amount of damage. In fact, a wood borer beetle infestation can cause excessive structural damage to your home that will result in costly... read more

Verbeter kakkerlak-beheer deur hierdie ses broeiplekke aan te spreek

Kakkerlakke kan byna enigiets oorleef. Hulle aanpassingsvermoë oorskry dié van selfs die uitdagendste huishoudelike plae. Kakkerlakke kan onderstebo loop, kan hulself plat maak en sommer vinning-vinnig na die naaste wegkruipplek vlug. Hul skaaldier-agtige eksoskelet beskerm hulle teen skoene, vlieëklappe en die meeste insekdoders. Nee kyk, kakkerlakke kom voor asof hulle onuitwisbaar is. ‘n Kommerwekkende... read more

Pest control and your business

Does your business have a pest management plan in place? Many companies don’t and only look to using professional pest control for business services once an infestation has occurred. However, having a permanent and integrated pest control management system in your business will ward off any infestations before they can truly do damage and,... read more

Greening Alexandra for Mandela Day

Photo Caption: Far left: Jonathan De Villiers (representing The Specialists), and second from the right, Bongi Zulu (representing The Specialists). Mandela Day is synonymous with good deeds and honourable gestures of sacrifice and love. Honouring Madiba’s cause, The Specialists joined hands with Moving Board, Kleenhealth and Galxcoc and spent their 67 minutes together cleaning... read more

How corporate cleaning services positively impacts your business

Productivity is essential in an office environment. The space you create for your employees will either support or hinder productivity. One way of ensuring a productive workspace is by keeping the environment clean and hygienic. There is nothing worse than showing up to work in an office that is dirty  or, even worse, becoming... read more

The big debate around hand drying hygiene systems

Did you know that properly drying your hands is crucial to preventing the spread of disease? In fact, correct and effective hand drying is a vitally important part of the hand washing process. The spread of bacteria and infectious diseases occurs far more easily with wet skin. When choosing a hygiene system to use... read more

Carpet cleaning tips you should NOT follow

Professional carpet cleaning is a must if you want to prolong your carpet’s lifespan. In fact, carpets that are regularly cleaned will last twice as long as those that don’t undergo regular maintenance. Quick-fix carpet cleaning tips that don’t need a professional touch and that are believed to save money can often damage your... read more

Put the boxes down! Here’s our moving house checklist

Moving is stressful. Moving requires physical labour and it often results in absolute mental fatigue due to the analysing and over analysing of what to purge from your life, or not. How many moving house checklists have you compiled in the moves you’ve made? Whether you are a sucker for a checklist or not,... read more

Does my business really need a contract cleaner?

Just about every office has a trusted cleaner. These cleaners have a hard job – they vacuum, do the dirty dishes, mop the floors, clean the bathrooms, take out the trash and clean the windows. While this sounds like quite a comprehensive cleaning schedule, unfortunately, it is usually sub-par by proper office hygiene standards.... read more

A guide for moms on hand hygiene

The plain and simple truth is that we are covered in germs. The germs that present on our skin are there to help us stay healthy but in addition to these ‘good’ germs we also pick up bad germs from contact with other people or objects around us. These germs can cause you to... read more

The real culprit of seasonal allergies

Do you or your family members suffer from allergies? Does the change of season see you reaching for tissue after tissue and grabbing your antihistamines? Seasonal allergies can be extremely debilitating, keeping many off work and rushing to their doctors in the hope of a quick cure. The seasonal allergens causing the itchy eyes,... read more

The importance of dry carpet cleaning

  Isn’t it ironic how carpets are an incredibly expensive investment that we make in our homes and yet they are trodden on by our dirty shoes, often spilt on and used as by our pets as makeshift beds? While the quick answer might be to get rid of your carpets and tile the... read more

Is your restaurant compliance up to scratch?

We recently wrote a blog in which we unpacked a chicken food incident. In this blog we delved into the dangers of irresponsible food safety practices and how it directly impacts the community. Food safety is paramount to maintaining a healthy society and any company handling food stuffs should make sure that they are on the... read more

Eight DIY tips to get rid of your ant problem

Ants are one of the most common household pests. No matter how clean your home is, all it takes is one night of not rinsing off your dinner plates and the following morning a little black line of ants are foraging for your leftovers. The common garden ant is not considered dangerous, nor are... read more

Choose professional hygiene services to keep your office healthy

When you employed your office cleaner, you most likely supplied them with a schedule of when to vacuum, clean the bathrooms, wash the dishes and kitchen area and wash the windows. While the routine you put together sounds comprehensive and robust, this type of cleaning schedule is not even covering the minimum requirements needed... read more

Five steps to pest control for restaurants

in a restaurant can make or break the establishment. By employing excellent standards of hygiene and practices the reputation of your restaurant will remain intact. Whereas if the standard is sub-par your restaurant will not only lose face and lose patrons but they will also affect employee wellbeing and disempower them in their capacity... read more

Why professional cockroach control is the answer to your roach problems

Just this week it was reported that cockroaches were sighted at the popular eatery, Doppio Zero, in Sandton. The customers were outraged and overwhelmed by the ‘dirtiness’ of the eatery. Here’s why: Salmonella, dysentery, gastroenteritis and typhoid are some of the horrific diseases that cockroaches carry into your home or office. Now doesn’t that... read more

Dirty mattress: Is there something scary in your bed?

Sleeping on a dirty mattress can cause nightmares. Not the ones that occur while you’re sleeping but rather, a living nightmare directly affecting your health.  We spend a lot of time sleeping and during those resting hours, we shed dead skin cells and sweat out approximately 500mls of perspiration. Your mattress is collecting skin... read more

The simple truth about pest control products and your baby

Pest control products are designed to specifically target pests that are found in the home. So surely they are safe? But there is still a nagging suspicion that they may not be, especially for our children. Although pest control is important for the safety and hygiene of your home, and you need to use... read more

Here are three unique ways to secure profit growth in your company

Right now companies are focusing all their energies on ensuring that their entire business is online and digitised, as this enhances profit growth and expansion. This means that most interactions, transactions and communication, is happening via the Internet and remote working has become a massive trend. A variety of studies across the globe have... read more

Pest control methods to combat June’s pests of the month

Pests prefer certain seasons – in summer, mosquitoes love to buzz around your head and bite your ankles; in winter, the rats infiltrate, needing to come inside from the cold. A targeted approach is useful in managing pests – you need to know which month they proliferate. We present June’s pests of the month,... read more

10 of the most common questions asked about bird proofing

Contrary to Julie Andrews’ famous line in the classic movie Mary Poppins, don’t feed the birds. The scene we’re referring to sees Mary Poppins hand out not only bread crumbs, but terrible advice too.. Birds can be an unpleasant menace and pest – ask any homeowner or business owner who has had to suffer... read more

How to pet-proof your home

Engaging in a conversation with anyone about their pets usually begins with them explaining to you that the fur-babies are not just ‘pets’ but valued members of their family. While these little darlings bring many a pet owner enormous amounts of joy, they can also destroy your furniture and fittings if you don’t pet-proof... read more

DIY alternatives to fumigation services

You may be completely fed up with the site of cockroaches and other pests in the office, and are seriously considering fumigation services. But this is a hazardous undertaking, and highly disruptive to the working day. Before you contact the fumigation services, however, you may want to consider a do-it-yourself approach to pest control.... read more

How computer cleaning can save your company big bucks

Air-conditioners, office kitchens and ablution facilities: these, you may believe, house the common winter viruses that spread throughout the office, causing the absenteeism that negatively impacts business. What’s often overlooked though, is that personal computers are germ havens, likely harbouring more bacteria than a toilet seat. Getting your staff to clean their mice, monitors... read more

Cockroach control begins at these six cockroach destinations

Cockroaches are masters of survival, with adaptive capabilities beyond that of most household pests: they can fly, walk upside down, flatten themselves and make a mad dash into any crevice, nook and cranny. Their hard, crustacean-like armour protects them from most well-aimed shoes, fly swatters and insect sprays. They seem indestructible. A horrifying fact... read more

The secret to year-round pest control

Summer, winter, autumn, spring: each season has its own unique characteristics. Summer has its green trees, swimming pool parties and warm winds. Winter is icy, barren and a time to hibernate. Autumn has brilliant colours and strong winds. Spring is a time for rejuvenation and planting seeds. Small buds begin forming, heralding warmer weather.... read more

Introducing the latest range of restaurant cleaning products

Traditional restaurant cleaning products are often more dangerous than the germs they’re meant to kill. Ammonia and chlorine bleach contribute to increased indoor air pollution and are dangerous to humans and the environment. This is according to stats gathered by the Food Service Warehouse , which also found that the toxic vapours released by... read more

Why dry carpet cleaning is ideal for the Gautrain

In a city where suitable and safe public transport is lacking, the Gautrain in Gauteng has become the go-to for business and airport commuters. During rush hour, it’s choc-a-block, and the hours between 9am and 3.30pm are not much better. How do you maintain cleanliness standards and adhere to the public transport health and... read more

So, you need flood cleaning services…

The relentless rain, which turned into a raging flood, has turned the inside of your property into a mini-dam. Or, you have a situation with a burst water-pipe. As a property developer, what do you do next? This blog is here to help. Call your insurance. It’s wise to first call your insurance company... read more

Four signs you need to call the ceiling cleaning experts

When the office manager notices that the airshaft in the ceiling is grubby, they get the maintenance staff to stand on ladders and do a spot of cleaning. The trouble is, often the ceiling cleaning activity begins and ends at the airshaft and the six tiles surrounding it. If you insist that more surface... read more

Six things compromising your restaurant’s food safety

Location, location, location they say, is the key to a successful restaurant. If someone gets food poisoning after visiting your eatery however, you may need to change the mantra to food safety, food safety, food safety. To keep the restaurant busy (while keeping the Health Department away) here are the six factors that are... read more

Four office cleaning hacks you wish you’d known about

Countless studies show that a messy office hampers productivity and makes for unhappy workers. Even if there is an office cleaner (or ten), each employee can do their part in creating a cleaner and more productive working space. These hacks can be incorporated into the day-to-day office operations and go a long way in... read more

Extreme window cleaning in pictures

In his inauguration speech as president, Barack Obama said that a country’s greatness and the extent of its imagination could be seen in the height of its skyscrapers.  But tall buildings are battered by the elements and unfortunately the resultant filthy windows could diminish their greatness. Keeping the windows of tall buildings clean is... read more

Carpet Cleaning 101: Tips from the experts

We’re all for cleaning-hacks – especially when it comes to carpet cleaning. The internet is awash with so-called carpet cleaning tips and tricks – but knowing who to trust is another matter entirely. If you’re sick and tired of looking at that red wine stain, help is at hand. We’ve gathered fool-proof carpet cleaning... read more

Your FAQs about commercial cleaning services, answered.

If you’ve ever wondered what commercial cleaning services entail, and if they’re suitable for your business, you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up the questions we get asked by clients on a regular basis below. Are commercial cleaning services for me? The scope of commercial cleaning services varies from specialised and small-scale to large-scale, full-service... read more

Three eggs you don’t want to find this Easter.

Call the kids immediately! Tell them that this Easter, they could find up to 400 carefully-hidden eggs in the house…just not the chocolate, white speckled type, wrapped in gold tinfoil. Flea eggs, bedbug eggs and termite eggs are some of the most common eggs found in houses. These eggs, once hatched, also bite (and... read more

Gardening tips for awe-inspiring autumn gardens

Autumn is synonymous with shorter days, a move indoors and hauling out your winter wardrobe. While it’s not time to hibernate just yet, winter will soon be upon us.  Before you throw a cover on the Weber and say goodbye to long, lazy dinners under the stars, it’s wise to spend some time preparing... read more

Fire-damaged homes require the A-Z of cleaning

The effects of fire are devastating. The people of Cape Town, following the epic blaze that struck their city, have been left traumatised. In addition to this emotional trauma, many people have to deal with the mammoth practical and technical task of cleaning up their fire-damaged homes. Even households not severely and directly impacted... read more

The non-negotiables of health and safety in a restaurant

Running a restaurant is not for the faint of heart. You’ve got to be a managerial maestro, a curator of creative cuisine, and a heavyweight health and safety officer. While far from glamorous, the latter is a crucial role, and if not taken seriously, can be the beginning of the end for your eatery.... read more

How to deep clean your home like a pro

If the thought of wading through stacks of year-old magazines, cobweb-covered gym equipment that’s never seen the light of day and piles of clothes that you may wear, one day, if you lose 5kgs, has you breaking out in hives, you’re not alone. Instead of diving head-first into a mountain of moth balls, you... read more

Load shedding best practice for businesses in South Africa

South Africans across the country are scrambling to stock up on candles, solar-powered appliances and generators after Eskom’s recent re-instatement of rolling blackouts. This comes after their announcement that load shedding is set to last for the next three years. Not only will the ramifications of this be dire for the economy, but for... read more

Drawing up a tenant contract? Read this first.

Managing and leasing property can be a lucrative investment – one that’s also fraught with challenges. Nurturing a relationship between the body corporate, managing agent, landlord and tenants take some wherewithal. It’s a no brainer then that your tenant contract is by and large, one of the most important documents involved in owning or... read more

A hair-raising hand hygiene fact all restaurateurs should know.

80% of all infectious diseases are spread by touch. That’s right. See that main that your sous chef is plating? That wine glass your waitron is placing next to your VIP patron? The difference between healthy patrons and ones that fall ill lies in their hands – literally. Alarmingly, hand washing hygiene practices aren’t... read more

Life hack: Your pantry pest problems, solved.

After drooling over Nigella’s risotto recipe for weeks, a friend decided to conquer her fear of anything vaguely domestic and whip up what she assured us would be a meal worthy of Masterchef. Unfortunately, we never got to taste the infamous dish. The reason? Weevils! Run-of-the-mill, oh-so-irritating pantry pest problems frustrate homeowners the world... read more

Crucial considerations when choosing a hospital pest management provider.

We chatted to pest control expert Eberhard Niklaus, about the best way of going about selecting a pest control provider for a hospital or medical facility. Before you send out an RFP (Request for Proposal) for a hospital pest management service provider, familiarise yourself with the following considerations: What industry certifications should a hospital... read more

Wondering how to get rid of flies?

Summer time brings with it a whole host of glorious benefits. Holidays, sun-soaked days and balmy nights. Unfortunately summer is also fly season, and without knowing a little bit about these problematic pests, it’s impossible to get rid of flies. Besides being a nuisance, flies also carry and spread a variety of diseases like... read more

Don’t play with fire – why kitchen canopy cleaning is crucial.

If your approach to kitchen canopy cleaning isn’t militant, consider this: 70% of fires in commercial kitchens are caused by fat and grease build up and faulty ventilation. In other words, inefficient kitchen canopy cleaning means that you’re very likely to end up playing with fire – literally. Because this task is such an... read more

Why a managing agent is crucial in enforcing body corporate rules

If you’re a member of a body corporate, or manage a sectional title property, you’ve no doubt been roped into a back and forth discussion that rivals a Wimbledon volley – usually about something that’s not really that important. Body corporate rules are great in theory; enforcing them can be another matter entirely. If... read more

How to turn your restaurant into a fine dining experience

Whether you’re a chef or a passionate foodie who owns or manages a restaurant, you’re driven by one thing and one thing only – giving your patrons the best possible experience. Turning your restaurant into a fine dining experience may sound like a pipe dream, but hear us out. Regardless of whether you own... read more

Teaching kids about healthy foods doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

It’s a long-running joke among parents that getting children to eat their vegetables requires (for the most part) one part blackmail and two parts tears and tantrums. Young children are notoriously picky eaters, which makes getting their five a day a feat akin to climbing Everest in stilettos. Teaching your children about nutrition can... read more

Renewed focus on health and safety in the mining industry.

A health and safety working group has been established by the five major stakeholders in the South African mining industry. Mining Innovation News reported that companies – including industry giant AngloGold Ashanti Ltd. – had formed the group in order to tackle the epidemic of occupational lung disease amongst South African miners. A combined... read more

Frustrated by flea bites? Our guide to flea control

Ah, that all too familiar sensation. Whether you’ve recently cuddled a furry friend or holidayed in some questionable accommodation, few things are as irritating as being on the receiving end of flea bites. Unfortunately, catching the culprits can be difficult, to downright impossible. If you want to make sure that you (or your four-legged... read more

Five questions people neglect to ask their contract cleaning providers

When you’re looking for a potential contract cleaning vendor, a flashy website, shiny business cards and suave salesman won’t cut it. It’s worth your while to do some digging, in order to make sure that you’re dealing with a legitimate contract cleaning service, and not a fraudulent operation. Many people take contract cleaning short... read more

Powder post beetle – the ticking time-bomb of pests.

What do gleaming wooden floors, an original Art Deco drinks trolley and a bag of braai wood have in common? They’re all potential homes of powder post beetles. Older South African homes typically consist of timber structures. Supporting beams, wooden decks or floors, skirting boards and dado rails add charm, but at a potentially... read more

An introduction to soil poisoning for first-time home builders

You’ve dreamt about this moment for years. Owning your very own piece of prime property and building the home of your dreams is about to become a reality. Before your abode starts to take shape however, it’s wise to do a bit of research about the not-so-glamourous requirements involved in building a house. As... read more

Our top tips to home cleaning the green way.

The pungent smell of bleach and anti-bacterial sprays once signalled a sparkling clean abode. Today, home cleaning methods hark back to the days when industrious housekeepers made their own home cleaning solutions. As families seek safer, more environmentally-friendly ways of living, green cleaning solutions are becoming more and more prevalent. While they might leave... read more

Ants in your pant (ry)? Our guide to ant control.

Thanks to their incredible work-ethic, industrious nature and habit of appearing (seemingly) out of nowhere, ants have rightfully earned themselves a formidable reputation. What this means for homeowners however, is that they’ll inevitably encounter these busy-bodies at some point. While a kitchen crawling with ants poses no danger to human health, it is extremely... read more

How to choose the carpet cleaning method that’s best for you.

Shag carpets, kelims, rugs and runners – people have been using carpets to turn their houses into homes since the dawn of time. Whatever your preference, caring for your carpets is essential. Besides extending their life span, regular maintenance and upkeep also safeguards you and your family from being exposed to bed bugs and... read more

Rope access isn’t always necessary for commercial window cleaning

The ‘Cape Doctor’ not only signals the start of summer for Capetonians, but the start of window cleaning season. Strong, salty wind batters all sea-facing commercial and residential buildings. For those situated upcountry, residue dust and water marks from winter rainfall lingers, resulting in windows that look like they’ve seen better days. Many property... read more

Five innovative ways companies are meeting their green business objectives

‘Eco-friendly’, ‘green’, ‘sustainability’ – catchphrases that in recent years, have come to the fore across all spheres – businesses included. Consolidating compassion for the environment and business objectives doesn’t come easy, but little by little, companies around the globe are implementing changes for the collective good. Morgan Clendaniel, Editor of innovation-focused Co.Exist, wrote an... read more

Lawn dressing tips – Preparing your lawn for summer

A perfectly lush, green lawn is not only appealing to the eye but rewarding too. That said, looking after your lawn under the hot African sun is hard work. Besides our climate – which can be harsh in many parts of the country – there are various other obstacles that can hinder the health... read more

The Specialists launch their newest range of professional cleaning services

As part of our ongoing journey toward providing South Africans with cleaning services of the highest caliber, we are proud to launch a range of brand new, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Our new range including environmentally friendly cleaning solutions for commercial kitchens; dry-carpet cleaning services; and a UVC anti- allergy treatment systems for mattresses... read more

All you ever wanted to know about bed bugs (infographic)

As far as creepy crawlies go, bed bugs are right up there with lice. No one wants to talk about them, but most people have had some sort of encounter with these heeby-jeeby-inducing critters. Unfortunately, bed bugs love to live in the very place that you spend a third of your life. (Yup, we’re... read more

How often should I be cleaning and servicing my grease traps?

Maintaining a hygienic operation is crucial for all commercial establishments, and for a restaurant, the cleanliness of all areas can either make or break its success as an eatery. (For a quick refresher, read our blog on best hygiene practice here). All areas of an eatery should be regularly and thoroughly cleaned; this can... read more

Our guide to optimal office washroom hygiene

The cleanliness of your office restrooms is indicative of the level of professionalism of your company. Much like a restaurant, washroom hygiene has a massive impact on the way employees and clients view your overall business. In order to make the best impression on customers, as well as facilitate a company culture that’s in... read more

Seven lawn care tips to get your lawn in shipshape

You’ve painstakingly painted your walls, pruned your trees, cleaned your Weber and coaxed your pool back to sparkling health. Getting your lawn summer-worthy however, is another story. Lawn care requires constant effort, and a lot of know-how too. If you’re in need of some lawn care advice, read on. We’ve compiled our top seven tips... read more

Is the City of Johannesburg’s rat control on the right track?

A rampant rodent infestation in the City of Johannesburg and surrounds continues to make headlines after the IFP denounced the city’s allocation of R2.5 million  to combatting the problem using several methods, including barn owls. Petros Sithole, spokesman for the party relayed the party’s sentiments that the government should rather be spending this money... read more

Choosing Bird Control Services: Advice from the experts

Suburban and urban office and homes alike are often at the mercy of birds, who nest in their eaves, and cause an unsightly mess with their excrement. Bird droppings are not only aesthetically unwelcomed, but spread disease too. Pigeons’ and Starlings’ droppings contain organisms that can cause the respiratory diseases Histoplasmosis  and Allergic hypersensitivity... read more

How commercial pest control services differ to home treatments

Commercial pest control services and those conducted in a private residence both have the same goal in mind. Namely, to ensure that infestations are controlled and that safeguards are in place to prevent pests from returning. The difference between the two lies in the scope of service that a premise requires. Infestations in a... read more

Why regular mattress cleaning is essential

We spend one third of our lives asleep. That’s approximately 219 145 hours spent tossing and turning in our beds. What many people do not realise, however, is that while we are sleeping, we are also shedding dead skin cells. If these skin cells are not removed, the weight of the mattress can double... read more

Crucial questions you need to ask your potential building contractors

Building or renovating a home or commercial property is a massive undertaking. Horror stories about fly-by-night building contractors, who disappear halfway through a job, are plentiful. Before you invest a substantial amount of money on a project, we suggest that you pose the following questions to any potential building contractors to ensure that they... read more

When to call the water damage specialists

Every year, the damage caused by water costs homeowners and businesses millions. Dealing with a burst geyser, or water pipe or flood damage is inconvenient and unpleasant. Unfortunately, water damage is a reality. The best way to prepare yourself for what can be a potentially disastrous occurrence is to school yourself on the available... read more

The evolution of cockroach control

Cockroaches are universally, one of the most loathed pests. Urban areas, especially with concentrated populations, are perfect breeding grounds thanks to the proliferation of food sources for roaches.  Cockroaches are associated with filth and decay and not something you would want to encounter in a commercial establishment like a hotel or restaurant. This means... read more

Gear up for National Braai Day with our favourite braai ideas

A favourite pastime of South Africans young and old alike, gathering around a braai is our nation’s preferred way of spending lazy summer days and long, languishing evenings underneath the stars. In fact, South Africans love braaing so much that we’ve dedicated a whole day to doing just that. As we gear up for... read more

How to take the pain out of golf club cleaning

The cleaning and maintaining of golf club grounds is a massive undertaking. While the care of the green is left to a professional golf course specialist, a myriad of areas remain. The bar, restrooms, spa, parking and reception area require constant maintenance. Club managers need to be multi-skilled masters in order to ensure that... read more

Why fumigation services are crucial in treating wood-borer beetles

Wood borer beetles cause millions of rands in damage to homes every year. What most home owners don’t know, however, is that a substantial amount of this damage is actually preventable. The majority of houses contain some sort of wooden structure; doorframes, skirting boards and roof trusses are all potential breeding grounds for these... read more

Why the Kaizer Chiefs should get into ceiling cleaning.

What could a soccer team possibly have in common with ceiling cleaning specialists? As it turns out, way more than you might have thought. The Kaizer Chiefs – one of Mzanzi’s most loved soccer teams – share several core qualities that superior ceiling cleaning specialists possess too. Cohesive teamwork, a commitment to excellence, and... read more

What are the most important food hygiene rules for restaurateurs?

Food that’s produced in hygienic conditions is automatically of a higher standard than meals prepared in a hygienically-compromised kitchen. It’s the duty of the restaurant manager to ensure the health and wellbeing of both customers and staff. Without a proper hygiene and cleanliness policy in place, a restaurant runs the risk of failing health... read more

Why a deep clean will help to quick-sell a house

Having a house deep-cleaned is the quickest, foolproof way to get it feeling and looking thoroughly spotless and cared for. Deep-cleaning addresses the issues of underlying dirt that is not visible to the eye and sees to it that dirt is stopped at the source. This way, more superficial methods of cleaning, like spring... read more

Three ways to evaluate office cleaning services

The decision to employ a company to provide office cleaning services that best cater to your business needs should be made with the best interests of your core business at heart. Evaluating different office cleaning services using the criteria detailed below is a good way to assess whether you’re getting the best service, or... read more

How to bring your garden ideas to life

Most of us harbor lofty ideals about how we want our gardens to look, but when push comes to shove, turning your garden ideas into reality is far trickier than you thought. If you’re after some inspiration that’s easy to implement, read on for our garden ideas that’ll have your green thumb twitching in... read more

What You Can Learn from the Worst Spring Cleaning Advice

Bad advice is just as readily available as good advice and spring cleaning is no exception. It is a laborious process already so the last thing you need is a barrage of foolish tips to make things overly complicated. Spring cleaning is a tiresome task so you should aim to make it as simple,... read more

Innovative property managers are embracing rain water harvesting

There are increasing signs that more and more industries will have to adopt more sustainable solutions to their business problems. Intelligent usage of finite resources, especially water, should be a pressing issue for all of us. Water is undoubtedly the most precious resource on the planet, and its scarcity means its management should be... read more

Why hygiene solutions reduce the spread of infectious diseases

The ease with which infectious diseases can be picked up from other people makes them very hard to avoid. The risk of infectious diseases spreading increases dramatically at hospitals in particular. As a result, a comprehensive and watertight set of hygiene solutions is mandatory and must be adhered to at all times. The nature... read more

Range of rat poisons being discontinued due to death of wildlife

A controversial rat poison has been removed from the shelves in the United States and its production has ceased after it had been linked to the death of wildlife and caused inadvertent harm to numerous children and pets. Rodenticide brand d-CON is the item in question and it raises quite a few topical considerations.... read more

When it’s Time to Call the Carpet Cleaners

Aside from the obvious factors or salient and visible signs, it is pretty tricky knowing exactly when your carpets are (over)due for a clean and you need to get the professionals in to sort them out. Red-wine stains are visible to the naked eye, but most of the dirt that accumulates in carpets happens... read more

The increasing importance of safety at home

Safety at home is a fundamental concern. Lives are becoming increasingly fast-paced and time is always a commodity that is in short supply. This means that you need more guidance on safety measures and knowledge of the dangers surrounding you at home and you need this knowledge at your fingertips. As the World continues... read more

5 rules of pigeon control

Pigeon control can turn into more than just a hindrance and become very troublesome if not managed. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably encountered the problem. Businesses with an unwanted bird population may struggle to operate smoothly. Apart from the noise-element, birds potentially bring health hazards with them: the larger the population, the larger... read more

How to evaluate different cleaning services

What should you look for in a cleaning service? A quick glance at the definition of ‘evaluate’ in the dictionary yields the following result – ‘form an idea of the amount, number, or value of; assess’. Evaluating different cleaning services is recommended, since a service such as this, rendered in an unprofessional and sloppy... read more