Government Cleaning, Municipal Cleaning, and City Cleaning

When it comes to keeping public areas clean, it’s crucial that you use regular, professional commercial cleaning services who’re adept at tackling large spaces that frequented by the public. With more than 24 years of commercial cleaning services under our belt, The Specialists are trusted providers of municipal cleaning, government cleaning and city cleaning services across the country. Our services include carpet cleaning, window cleaning, ablution cleaning and more.

We’ll provide you with expertly-trained, on-site staff who’ll offer you commercial cleaning services that are effective and efficient. Whether you need government cleaning, municipal cleaning or city cleaning services, we’ll tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

  • We’re a member of the NCCA (National Contact Cleaners Association)
  • Our staff are highly skilled and have been thoroughly trained by industry experts in commercial cleaning best practice.
  • With 24 years of experience under our belt, our cleaning services have been trusted and recommended by public and private enterprises since 1991
  • All technicians are equipped with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to ensure their safety, and yours.

We can offer you:

1. Reliable service

Every branch of The Specialists is owner-run, which means that our services are efficient, effective and reliable.

2. Optimal health and safety.

Our technicians are trained in health and safety best practice, to ensure that the service you get isn’t only efficient, but is rendered in a way that prioritises the health and safety of all.

3. Timely service

With a national footprint, we’re able to assist you wherever you are in South Africa. With over 30 branches, we have a commercial cleaning team in your area.

Three things to look for when choosing a government cleaning, municipal cleaning or city cleaning provider:
  • Extensive experience – Make sure to only use a company who can back up their expertise with a lengthy track record. The Specialists have been in the cleaning business for 24 years – which means that we know all there is to know about commercial cleaning in South Africa.
  •  Industry Accreditation – Don’t take a company’s word for it – make sure that they’re a member of the NCCA (National Contract Cleaners Association) (We are.)
  •  An emphasis on the wellbeing of staff – If you don’t use a company who cares for their employees, you risk the efficacy and professionalism of the cleaning services offered to you. We provide our staff with the following: Minimum wage, Provident Fund, UIF, Tax Compliant, Skills Development Levy, COID (Compensation of Occupational and Industrial Disease)
Our branches that provide Government Cleaning, Municipal Cleaning, and City Cleaning