Industrial Cleaning Services

Maintaining industrial premises, like a factory or mine, entails a lot of work. The process involves countless considerations, and when coupled with a large premises, makes for a difficult job indeed. Whether you manage a large factory, office block or manufacturing plant, you need to make use of professional industrial cleaning services. Besides cleanliness, maintaining optimum levels of health and safety is crucial. In order to avoid putting your staff, operations and business as a whole at risk, it’s your responsibility to use industrial cleaning services that are rendered by industry experts.

The Specialists provide the following industry cleaning services to businesses across the county: carpet cleaning, window cleaning, ablution cleaning and more.

  • We’re a member of the NCCA (National Contact Cleaners Association)
  • Our cleaning services have been trusted and recommended since 1991
  • Our staff are thoroughly trained by industry experts, highly skilled and certified.
  • All technicians are equipped with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to ensure their
    safety where required

We can offer you:

1. Superior customer service

Each branch of The Specialists is owner-run and managed. This ensures that you receive professional, personal service that meets all of your industrial cleaning needs. Our customers come first, which means that we’ll tailor our services to best fit your particular business’s needs.

2. Exceptional results

We’ve been in the cleaning Not only is our expertise backed by 24 years of experience, but every single one of our employees are industry-certified and trained in best practice when it comes to health and safety

3. Eco-friendly solutions

We offer green commercial cleaning services that are kind to the environment, yet equally powerful as their chemical counterparts.

Industrial cleaning tips from the experts:
  • Only utilise skilled and trained cleaners.
  • Cleaning chemicals must always be stored in containers with labels.
  • Wash mop-heads daily and leave to dry in sun.
  • Have daily and weekly cleaning schedules for cleaners.
  • Maintain an effective maintenance cleaning program for your carpets.
Our branches that provide industrial cleaning services