General Cleaning

Whether you’re plagued by pigeons, are revolted by rodents, or are frustrated by fleas, pest control is something requires a methodical approach in order to be effective.
DIY solutions abound, but are rarely effective in the long term. Common pests like birds, fleas, rodents and flies are more than merely irritating – they pose a health risk too.
Pests are disease carriers, which means that proper pest control is a necessity.

Whether you’re looking for pest control solutions for a large industrial premises or for your family home, we’ve got 36 years of pest control experience under our belt. We offer a range of pest control solutions, including: bird proofing, flea control, rodent control and more.

  • Each branch is owner-managed, ensuring that each client gets a personal level of service
  • We’re a member of the NCCA (National Contact Cleaners Association)
  • Our cleaning services have been trusted and recommended since 1991
  • All technicians are equipped with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to ensure their safety where required
  • All staff are trained, certified and skilled by industry experts

We can offer you:

1. Exceptional customer service

Every single one of our branches is owner-managed, which means that every single one of our clients – no matter what your cleaning needs are – gets the personal, professional service they deserve.

2. Reduced-risk cleaning

All of our staff are industry-certified and trained in best practice when it comes to health and safety

3. Green cleaning solutions

We offer environmentally-friendly green general cleaning solutions that are just as powerful as their chemical counterparts, while being kind to the environment

General cleaning tips from the experts:
  • Stick pieces of carpeting or foam rubbing on the edges of your broom to prevent it from damaging the furniture.
  • Screw a strong hook into the end of the mop handle so can hang it on a line to dry….and,
  • Soak your mop regularly in a solution of boiling water and white vinegar, this will stop bacteria from breeding in the fibres.

Our branches that provide general cleaning services