Wet Carpet Cleaning

If your carpets are riddled with stubborn stains and dirt, wet carpet cleaning is for you.

Benefits: Results in a thorough, ‘deep-clean’ of carpeting as well as upholstered surfaces.

Beware of sub-standard service providers who call this method ‘steam cleaning’ – some types of carpets, like kelims, are damaged when cleaned with water.  Our carpet cleaners can identify carpet fabric and then use the correct amount and temperature of water to avoid damaging the carpet.

How does it work?
  • Multi-stage process
  • Effectively removes stains caused by substances including red wine, pet urine, coffee, tea and oil-based stained like lipstick.
  • Surface dirt and stains are first removed by an initial power vacuum and spot treatment
  • Stubborn spots and stains are treated with specialised remedies according to the nature of the spot
  • The entire surface is shampooed
  • Water extraction and deodorising completes the cleaning process.
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