Hospital Hygiene

High turnovers, frequent foot traffic and a plethora of patients with infectious diseases make achieving optimal hospital hygiene challenging. Cutting corners when it comes to hospital hygiene can have dire consequences – resulting in the illness and even death of patients and staff. In other words, a failure to implement adequate measure to promote the highest standard of hospital hygiene is grossly negligent.

This means that hospital hygiene needs to be maintained via a regular and meticulous cleaning schedule that’s rendered by a professional cleaning services company

Our technicians are experts in rendering hospital hygiene services that include ablution cleaning, carpet cleaning, kitchen cleaning, the provision and regular re-filling of liquid soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers and sanitary bins. Our UV-C mattress cleaning process sanitises bedding, by killing all bacteria, viruses as well as lice, dust mites, bed bugs etc.

Our branches that provide hospital hygiene services