Hygiene in the Workplace

Maintaining hygiene in the workplace can be quite an undertaking. A large body of staff, high volumes of foot traffic and an affinity for air conditioning make the workplace an ideal breeding ground for germs. It’s reported that South African businesses lose over 17% of their annual payroll due to absenteeism. In other words, sick employees cost you big money. In order to maintain productivity levels, staff morale, and the welfare of your business (and cash flow) hygiene in the workplace is a priority.

Choosing a reputable cleaning company that can provide you with professional office cleaning services is crucial. We’ve got over 24 years of experience in helping businesses across the country maintain optimal hygiene in the workplace.

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  • Our customer care policy is unrivalled.
  • We’ve got an extensive national footprint.
  • Our services have been trusted and recommended since 1991.
  • We’re members of the NCCA (National Contract Cleaners Association)
  • All of our branches are owner-run.

We can offer you:

1. Tailored services

We address each client’s unique needs in a way that best suits their business. We offer a range of commercial and office cleaning services that address every area of your premises.


2. Superior services

Our lengthy industry experience – 24 years, to be exact – has seen us become the trusted provider of office cleaning and hygiene services in the country.

3. Professional staff

Our cleaning technicians are trained in hygiene best practice, and are well-versed in providing cleaning solutions that are delivered in an efficient, non-obtrusive manner.

Tips for maintaining hygiene in the workplace:
  • Ensure all rest rooms and kitchen areas are always stocked with hand soap, paper towels and sanitary bins.
  • Install waterless hand cleanser dispensers around the office.
  • Cut down on your reliance on air conditioning. Recycled air spreads germs, so when you can, opt for fresh air instead.
  • Make use of regular cleaning services to ensure that optimal hygienic conditions are maintained.
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