Hygiene Services

Sub-par standards of hygiene in industrial businesses, including factories, mines and food processing plants can have a knock-on effect throughout the entire operation. Extensive premises, a large work force and long operating hours make maintaining optimal levels of hygiene a complicated undertaking. In order to avoid the risks and legal ramifications of unhygienic working conditions, it’s imperative that you use professional industrial hygiene services.

Our industrial hygiene services are used by business across the country, and include: ablution cleaning and the maintenance and provision of ablution equipment including sanitary bins, liquid soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, air fresheners and more.

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  • All hygiene units are available on 12 or 24 month rental contract or outright purchase
  • All units can be installed by our operators
  • All units can be serviced by our operators on a monthly basis
  • All daily consumables can be provided. This to be replenished by in-house staff or outsourced cleaning service provider
  • All services rendered adhere to the OHS act

We can offer you:

1. Hassle-free hygiene services

We will provide you with professional hygiene services on a regular basis. We will make sure that all ablution and hand washing areas are maintained and stocked, as well as regularly deep cleaning these areas.

2. Superior results

We’ve been offering industrial cleaning and hygiene services since 1991. This experience influences everything we do. In addition, all of our cleaning technicians are trained in hygiene best practice, and are industry-certified.

3. Tailored services

We know that there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’, which is why we will tailor our services to address your businesses unique needs.

Expert tips for maintaining hygiene:
  • Ensure all staff are educated about proper hygiene practices
  • Ensure that all ablution blocks are regularly deep cleaned, and that they’re regularly re-stocked with liquid soap, paper towel and toilet paper.
  • Use a colour-coding scheme for cleaning cloths to avoid cross-contamination
  • Make use of a professional cleaning company to render regular ablution cleaning services.
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