Pest Control

In order to avoid an unsightly mess, as well as to eradicate the spread of infectious diseases, bird proofing is crucial for commercial building, industrial plants and private homesteads. Ecto-parasites, which live on birds, include mites and ticks. In addition, potential health risks that are associated with bird droppings (guano) and nests include:  lung disease, encephalitis, hystoplasmosis, New Castle disease and salmonellosis.

All of our bird proofing measures are humane. Birds are deterred and never harmed. We offer a variety of bird proofing solutions including: netting, metal wire, bristle-like spikes and liquid repellent.

  • We’ve been bird proofing for 36 years.
  • We can exclude birds from buildings.
  • We don’t harm or injure birds in any way.
  • Our highest priority is safety.


We can offer you:

1. Initial survey

A professional survey with subsequent recommendation for prevention and control measures

2 . Exclusion solution

We do not harm the birds, we use mechanisms that discourage them from nesting

3. Sanitation

Remove nests and dropping and treat for elimination of parasites

Bird proofing tips from the experts:
  • Eliminate any source of food from your garden
  • Consider architectural design – avoid ledges where birds can roost
  • Eliminate temporary water sources
  • Keep your home and garden free from disease spreading bird droppings
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