Cockroach Control


Cockroach control is of particular importance in commercial spaces as well as spaces where there may be children nearby (such as schools), or elderly people (such as homes for the aged) and those fighting illnesses (such as clinics, doctors offices and hospitals).

If untreated, cockroaches quickly establish themselves in high numbers and spread to adjoining properties.

Cockroaches are awful to have in the home or the office as they carry a range of serious illnesses. Including, salmonella, dysentery, gastroenteritis and typhoid.Their droppings can cause eczema and asthma and they are known to emit an unpleasant odour that taints food and object that they come into contact with.

  • We’ve been treating cockroaches for 36 years.
  • We provide a range of cockroach sprays.
  • Our products reach where cockroaches hide.
  • Our products are environmentally friendly.
  • Our highest priority is safety.

We can offer you:

1. A comprehensive range of cockroach control products.

We provide a full range of powerful and safe cockroach sprays to deal with all cockroach problems.

2. Cockroach control products that are environmentally safe and far-reaching.

We provide innovative and environmentally friendly products that are highly targeted at the crevices where cockroaches hide.

3. Cockroach Control products that offer a quick and long-lasting solution.

We offer fast and effective service with their highest priority being the safety of your family and pets.

How to prevent a cockroach infestation in your home or office environment:
  • Store food in containers or in sealed plastic bags.
  • Clean all waste food and spillages immediately.
  • Clean food debris from under fridges or cookers.
  • Clear used crockery and cutlery immediately.
  • Remove pet food, water and litter trays overnight.
  • Keep refuse or compost in sealed bins.
  • Take care with soiled nappies or dirty clothing.
  • Do not leave liquids in sinks or buckets overnight.
  • Electromagnetic or ultrasonic repellents are generally ineffective and are not recommended to prevent or control cockroach infestations.

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