Fly Repellent

Flies are a nuisance whether it be in the home or the office environment. Some species also pose a health risk. Flies transmit a wide range of diseases including salmonella, dysentery, tuberculosis, cholera and parasitic worms.

  • We’ve resolved fly infestation for 36 years
  • We provide a range of fly repellants.
  • Our service is fast and effective.
  • Our products are environmentally friendly.
  • Our highest priority is safety.

We can offer you:

1. A comprehensive range of fly repellent products.

We have a fly repellent product to suit your needs whether it is a small infestation or a repeat problem.

2. A fast, effective and affordable fly repellent solution.

With our products your fly infestation and problem will be quickly resolved and efficiently removed.

3. Products that supercede any DIY fly repellent options. 

There are many DIY fly repellent products on the market. However, for an established fly problem or to simply rid your work environment or home of these pests altogether, our products are the best option.

How to prevent a fly infestation in your home or office environment:
  • Always cover food.
  • Clear away food and liquid spillages immediately.
  • Clean food debris from under kitchen appliances.
  • Make sure all rubbish bins have tightly sealed lids.
  • Keep compost enclosed and covered.
  • Clean up after pets.
  • Ensure drains are kept clear and running.
  • Treat drains that seem to have flies with bleach.
  • Ensure gutters and water gullies are not blocked.
  • Cover water butts with a lid.
  • Introduce goldfish into garden ponds to eat fly larvae.
  • After dark, keep windows and doors closed or block out the light with curtains.
  • Fit fly screens to windows especially around kitchen and waste areas.
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