Pantry Pests Control

Pantry pests are usually introduced into the home when a product has been bought that is already infested. These pests then invade other products in your pantry.

The longer the insects are unattended to, the more products they will contaminate – they bore through paper, plastic, and even sealed containers.

As soon as these insects are seen they need to be eliminated.

  • We’ve been treating pantry pest problems for  years
  • We will ensure no food is contaminated by the insecticides.
  • We can treat pantry pest infestations in both homes and commercial warehouses.
  • Our products are environmentally friendly.
  • Our highest priority is safety.


We can offer you:

1. The safe removal of all infested products.

We will safely remove and destroy all the infested products from the area, to ensure no new infestations occur.

2. A comprehensive and thorough cleaning of the area.

All areas and nooks and crannies will be cleaned out, including pet foods and bird seed bins in private residences.

3. The safe use of insecticides that will prevent further infestations.

The use of insecticide is necessary however it should be administered with care and will require professional assistance, which we can offer.

How to prevent a pantry pests in your home or warehouse:
  • Do not store food for longer than four months.
  • Buy packaged food in sealed containers.
  • Check the packaging date.
  • Packaging wrapped in clear plastic can be checked for the presence of insects.
  • Store food in airtight containers.
  • Dried food can be stored in your fridge or freezer.
  • Keep your pantry clean as exposed food will attract insects.


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