Domestic Pest Control

Making sure that your home is a happy, healthy environment entails a lot of work. Chances are, you’ve woken up to find your kitchen crawling with ants, or opened a cupboard only to find a family of cockroaches. Keeping your home pest-free can be an ongoing saga – but only if you’re not equipped with the proper tools. While DIY domestic pest control solutions can work, they’re seldom effective in the long run.

Besides maintaining a clean and hygienic environment, some pests are harder to get rid of than others. If you’re looking for domestic pest control that’s effective, efficient and professional, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a range of domestic pest control solutions, including: flea control, cockroach control, bird proofing, rodent control and more.

  • We’ve been trusted and recommended for our pest control services since 1978
  • All of our pest control solutions are registered with the Department of Agriculture (Act 36/1947)
  • We have a national footprint – which means that we can assist you wherever you are in the country.
  • Our technicians are registered with the Pest Control Services Industry Board and the Department of Agriculture

We can offer you:

1. Exceptional customer service

We know that dealing with service providers can be trying. It’s our priority to provide you with personal service that’s also effective and efficient. Each of our branches are owner-run, which means that you’ll receive service that leave you 100% satisfied.

2. Services wherever you are

With branches across the country, we’ll be able to assist you with domestic pest control solutions regardless of where you call home.

3. Tailor-made solutions

Everyone has different pest control requirements. We’ll asses your situation, and then provide you with a domestic pest control plan that best suits your particular needs.

Domestic pest control tips from the experts:
  • A Inadequate levels of hygiene encourage pest infestations, which means that maintaining a clean home is the first step towards proper pest control.
  • Dispose of all organic waste properly – use tightly sealed bins and ensure that these are regularly sanitised.
  • Don’t leave pet food and water bowls outside – these attract all manner of common household pests.
  • A dripping tap or other water source can attract pests too – make sure that all taps and drains are not leaking.
  • If you’re battling with an infestation, seek the advice of a professional pest control company.
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