Government Pest Control and City Pest Control

Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is crucial. Government pest control and city pest control must be conducted by professionals, in order to ensure that the facilities in question are places that facilitate productive, healthy employees. Large premises and high volumes of foot traffic can make this problematic, which is why it’s imperative to make use of a company that’s experienced in providing pest control services to large-scale public areas.

In order to ensure that you’re not putting the health of your staff or the public in jeopardy, it’s crucial to use a company who’ve been the trusted and recommended provider of pest control services for an extended length of time.

The Specialists have been providing pest control solutions since 1978, which means that we’re armed with extensive experience and knowledge.

We provide a wide range of government pest control services, as well as city pest control solutions that include: bird proofing, rodent control, cockroach control, fly control and more.

  • We’ve been a trusted and recommended provider of pest control services since 1978.
  • All of our pest control remedies are registered with the Department of Agriculture (Act 36/1947).
  • All of our pest control technicians are registered with the Pest Control Services Industry Board, as well as the Department of Agriculture.
  • Every branch is owned by a dedicate Franchise, which means you will receive a ‘gold-standard service’ from a committed business owner.

We can offer you:

1. Premises inspection and tailor-made solutions

We’ll assess your premises thoroughly to determine your specific government pest control or city pest control needs. An all-encompassing pest control plan will then be compiled which will address all of your unique pest control needs.

2. Certified documentation

You’ll receive a record of the services rendered, as well as the documentation required by local and national legislation and those necessary for auditing purposes.

3. Education on concurrent pest control measures

We’ll provide you with information about proper waste management, sanitation and house-keeping in order to ensure that your premises is addressing the root cause of any pest infestation.

Government pest control and city pest control tips from the experts:
  • Ensure that all in-house cleaning staff adhere to a daily and weekly cleaning schedule.
  • Educate all staff about sanitation and hygiene best practice.
  • Ensure that all waste is disposed of properly. This should be disposed of in sealed containers that are regularly sanitised.
  • Pests are also attracted to water sources; make sure that any leaking taps, pipes or air conditioners are fixed.
  • Make use of a professional pest control provider in order to address any existing pest infestations as well as to ensure that future infestations do not arise.
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