Industrial Pest Control Services

Industrial outfits such as factories, mines, manufacturing plants and storage warehouses are at the mercy of a range of pests. Cockroaches, pigeons, rodents and flies can become problematic, affecting business operations as well as the health of your staff.

Industrial pest control services call for a professional approach in order to effectively treat large premises with extended hours of operation and a large body of staff.

We’ve been providing industrial pest control services to South African businesses since 1978, which has equipped us with extensive knowledge, and resulted in satisfied clients.

We offer a wide range of industrial pest control services, including bird proofing, rodent control, cockroach control, fly control and more.

  • We’ve got 36 years of industrial pest control experience under our belt.
  • We have a nation-wide footprint of owner-run and managed branches (40 branches).
  • Our pest control technicians are registered with the Pest Control Services Industry Board and the Department of Agriculture
  • Every branch is owned by a dedicated Franchisee, which means you will receive a ‘gold-standard service’ from a committed business owner.

We can offer you:

1. An extensive inspection of your premises and a survey of requirements

In order to determine the extent and type of industrial pest control services your premises require, we’ll asses your premises thoroughly. You’ll then be provide with a comprehensive pest control plan that addresses the needs specific to your business.

2. Education and information about pest control measures

We’ll educate your staff and provide you with information pertaining to proper sanitation, waste management and housekeeping, in order to ensure that you’re addressing your pest control at its root cause.

3. Documentation of compliance

We’ll provide you with the documentation required by municipal legislation, as well as the records necessary for auditing purposes

Industrial pest control tips from the experts:
  • Pest infestations are largely due to sub-par standards of hygiene.
  • Educate all staff about the proper way to dispose of waste.
  • Equip all cleaning staff with the necessary cleaning equipment, as well as a daily and weekly cleaning schedule.
  • Inspect your premises for leaking pipes, taps or air conditioners; pests are attracted to water sources too.
  • Address any pest infestations or suspected infestations immediately, in order to avoid putting the health of your staff, and your business as a whole, at risk.
  • Make use of regular, schedule pest control services that are provided by an industry-accredited company.
Our branches that provide industrial pest control services